Woodside Cheese Wrights

Artisan Cheesemaker South Australia

Goat Milk Feta

Tasting Notes

Made from 100% fresh goats’ milk, the feta is a simple recipe that allows the true flavour of excellent quality milk to be tasted.
The uncooked curds are allowed to drain in trays overnight before being cut into blocks and immersed in a whey brine.
The feta develops a pleasant acidity to balance the salty milkiness, lending the cheese to various uses in cooking.
Our  Feta comes in 2kg Buckets in brine, small 150g cryovac packs retail packs and in jars marinaded in oil with a selection of herbs.
The marinated feta is ideal for use in salads and on good bread. The feta portions can be used in tart fillings, frittatas and salads and as an ingredient for many Mediterranean dishes or simply cooked on the BBQ and season with lemon juice, pepper and olive oil.
The marinated feta will keep for 6 months. The plain feta will keep for a similar period if carefully stored fully immersed in brine.
Quick easy recipe:
Place 1 tblspn olive oil in a cast iron pan suitable for the oven, crush clove of garlic in pan and sprinkle with fresh oregano – roughly chop feta square add to pan – top with more olive oil, garlic, oregano and cracked pepper. Put pan in hot oven for 10 -15min or when Feta in slightly melted. Carefully remove pan place on board and serve immediately with fresh crusty bread.

Technical Information

Origin South Australia, Australia
Classification Artisan
Milk Source Goat - local farms
Average Fat Content 30%
Type Fresh textured
Form 150g retail, 300g jar & 2kg Buckets
Rennet Non Animal