Woodside Cheese Wrights

Artisan Cheesemaker South Australia


Recent Medals & Awards

Gold Medal 2012 Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show
Gold Medal 2012 Brisbane Cheese Awards
Silver Medal 2014 ROyal Melbourne Fine Food Awards - Spring

Tasting Notes

Edith is a traditional French style goat’s milk cheese which is rolled in ash. The recipe originates in a small town near Burgundy in France, where it was made by a young woman named Edith.

The cheese blooms a velvety cover of white mould two weeks after make date. Once we are satisfied with the white mould cover we roll the cheese in ash. The ash changes the Ph of the surface mould and encourages a further development of white mould, it also imparts a savoury flavour.

As a young cheese Edith is mild and balanced with a slight hint of a creamy blue flavour. The acid present makes this cheese lively and fresh.
As the cheese matures 2 main changes occur - there is a pronounced intensity and sharpness on the palate and the paste changes to a velvety runny consistency. There is very little acid present when the cheese is at this stage.

 The milk for Ediths cheese is specially selected from Towerview and Oskjberg goat dairies in South Australia. Ediths cheese is made in 1 size, approximately weighing 150g
Half an hour to 1 hour at room temperature before serving is ideal.
Edith is always a star on a cheese plate, her unique appearance, flavour & palate structure is an experience even the most discerning cheese lovers enjoy and remember.
Try Edith sliced into circles and tossed through a tomato and basil pasta just before serving.
Edith is best kept wrapped in grease proof paper taking care to seal the cut edge to avoid drying.
According to personal preference, this cheese will have a shelf life up to 10 weeks from make date but this is only a guide real intensity occurs well past the best before date. Always check the best before date.

Technical Information

Origin South Australia, Australia
Classification Artisan
Milk Source Goat - local farms
Average Fat Content 40%
Type White Mould Ashed
Form 150g squat rounds
Rennet Non Animal