Woodside Cheese Wrights

Artisan Cheesemaker South Australia


Tasting Notes

Duet is named to reflect the two different milks the cheese is made with. 50% Cow milk and 50% Goat milk is blended and set to a traditional overnight method that we use for many of our cheeses at Woodside.

Careful ladling of the curd occurs the day after set when the curd is around ph4.2 resulting in fresh slightly acid palate.

The cheese blooms a crinkly rind which is typical of the Geotrichum adjunct mould used, this also imparts its unique flavour which work well with the two milks combined.

As a young cheese Duet is mild and balanced with a slight hint of acid. The acid present makes this cheese lively and fresh and is typical of its lactic nature. As Duet matures the acid profile disappears and leaves a rich creamy cheese that is typical in flavour to many fresh French Goat cheeses.

This little cheese is both elegant in looks and flavour.

Technical Information

Origin South Australia, Australia
Classification Artisan
Milk Source Goat – local farms / Cow - Local Farms
Average Fat Content 45%
Type White Mould
Form 100g
Rennet Non Animal