Woodside Cheese Wrights

Artisan Cheesemaker South Australia


Recent Medals & Awards

Bronze Medal 2013 World Cheese Awards
Top Gold Medal 2014 South Australian Dairy Awards

Tasting Notes

The Charleston is a rich flavoursome brie style cheese made from Jersey cow milk, sourced from the Adelaide Hills.

The unique flavour and development of the Charleston is influenced by the co-existence of different moulds on its surface. These moulds ripen the cheese from the outside to the centre over a period of about six weeks from the make date.

When the cheese is ripe it is soft and creamy in texture and develops rich complex “farm yard” and mushroom characters.
The Charleston is made in 110g, 500g and 1.2kg wheels. Larger size-   the traditional 3.5kg Brie Wheels can be made to order needing a 4 week lead time.

The Charleston is ideally suited to the cheese plate with fresh bread and seasonal fruit. For full flavour and texture development, serve at room temperature.
You can determine the ripeness of the cheese by looking for softness all the way across its surface. Generally this occurs at 4-5 weeks from make date. The cheese will develop strong flavours and oozing custardy body.

As it ages the Charleston may develop some brownish spots on the outer surface. This is a natural part of its maturation. Should this occur you will notice that the flavours will be stronger and more distinctive.

Technical Information

Origin South Australia, Australia
Classification Artisan
Milk Source Jersey Cow - local farm
Average Fat Content 45%
Type Brie
Form 110g, 500g & 1.2kg Wheels
Rennet Non Animal