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Introducing the Kris Lloyd Artisan range of Persian Feta


Woodside Cheese Wrights' head cheese maker Kris Lloyd has released a new brand under the KRIS LLOYD _ ARTISAN label. She has created a series of Persian Style feta that are simply to die for. Here's more from Kris:

My somewhat accidental career as a cheese maker (now over 15 years) has given me the opportunity to experience  an amazing tapestry of cheeses across the world (how lucky am I?!). I have developed this Persian Style feta which is such a luxurious cheese, the texture is satin like, the flavour addictive and it is the perfect illustration of the high quality milk we have access to in South Australia, we are just so lucky there!

There is no Persian Feta being made in South Australia and with how much SA locals love buying SA produce, I saw a gap in the market. Having eaten some incredibly good feta overseas recently, I decided it was time to produce something like this for the South Australian market.

I decided to put it under a different brand given we already produce a Greek style feta at Woodside and saw it as the perfect opportunity to excite the market with some different packaging and support that with a quality product made from quality milk - something for everyone! The goat milk cheese lovers can have a 100% goat milk feta or try the blend (borrowing the term from the winemakers) of 50% jersey cow milk and 50% goat milk and then there is a proportion of the community that are not so keen on goat milk cheese so we have the 100% local Jersey milk for them. There is also the blend for those that can be coaxed; it has a subtle goat flavour.

I have blended Coriole Extra Virgin olive oil in the marinade (keeping it all in the family) and some fresh herbs and organic garlic.

I love paisley patterns and I did actually have a cheese which I named The Paisley Goat some years ago. Interestingly, when we were looking at the label design we found many Persian rugs having similar patterns so there the idea came to have a combination of paisley patterns to add a point of difference and give the product a completely different look to much of the labelling being used by cheese makers. The colours are based on Cornflower blue used widely in Middle Eastern crockery and turmeric yellow along with paprika red - again all colours featured in Persian rugs.

Eat it straight out of the jar, add to salad or bruschetta, toss through pasta or risotto. It's great for a tapas or antipasto plate too.

I intend to build on the brand with new and uncommon offerings. I think it is so incredibly important for businesses to innovate and keep their customers interested and excited with what they have to offer, so stay tuned!


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LouiseJuly 22, 2014 at 12:17 pm
Hi, i have recently bought the Persian Feta goat & cow, and just absolutely loved it!!

Absolute Winner!!

Best Regards
GrahamNovember 12, 2014 at 8:53 pm
We have just finished our jar of goat & cow perisian feta! How can we get some more Queensland ?????

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