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Happy 16th Birthday Edith

Woodside Cheese Wrights celebrates - Happy 16th Birthday Edith.

Edith has been gracing Australian Cheese Boards for 16 years. She remains our flagship cheese and our favourite.

Edith taught to Woodside Cheese Wrights by a French woman named Edith, is a traditional recipe that has changed little over the 16 years in production at our Adelaide Hills Cheese Factory.

A traditional overnight method is used to set the curds allowing around 20 hours for the correct acid development and thickish texture.

Quite temperamental, she must be handled with care. Hand bailing and hooping, key to her ongoing success. Once the squat rounds of cheese are able to be managed by hand they are set into a special cave for drying. Depending on the time of the year this can be up to 10 days. Once the cheese is quite dry a spattering of Geotrichum and white mould appears a bit like a five o clock shadow only white.

It is at this point each cheese is very carefully ashed by hand using vine ash. I have always found this interesting taking a pristine white cheese and smothering it with ash. It is in fact the ash that makes Edith unique and the star she is. The ash changes the Ph on the surface rind and promotes a savoury flavour to the cheese that is almost blue.

Lynne Tietzel from Australia on a plate, Sydney says "Edith joined our family some sixteen years ago, when we were all that much younger. Every week these pretty, delicate, marbled little goat cheeses make their journey to our warehouse in Sydney and on to our top retailers and restaurants. I can remember taking her out to tastings at DJs and shoppers being totally fascinated by the rind.. its black and white marble. The offerings in goat cheeses were very limited back then and Edith was a real star on the scene... happy birthday Edith on your 16th."

One thing that has dramatically changed is our production of Edith. I remember carefully making around 45 a week, we now produce several vats per week to keep up with the demand.

Cheese expert Will Studd commented "' The launch of Edith 16 years ago established South  Australia as an exciting regional centre of  quality  goat's  cheese"'

Edith's most prestigious accolade was the Grand Dairy Award considered the Best of The Best in 2002. She has won numerous trophies, gold medals and sashes over the years. Edith can be eaten as a young cheese firm, acidic and textural with great flavour and a hint of blue. Or as a more mature cheese where the curd has been broken down by the outer rind to produce a robust, velvety paste which at times resembles an ice-cream scoop nestled in the cups of rind and presents a complex variety to the palate. Interestingly the later is sought out by cheese aficionados, I keep a small stash for them ... and me.

To celebrate Edith's 16th birthday we have rereleased the original Edith label from 1995 in a limited numbered series. Available October 1, 2011.


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Julie CameronMay 19, 2012 at 11:23 pm
Kris & your team,
I cant beleive Edith is 16 years, I remember first see her at the Sydney Cheese Awards. A very exciting time in the history of specialty cheese in Australia.
Happy Birthday
Julie Cameron
Kris lloydMay 24, 2012 at 6:42 pm
Thanks Julie, I remember when we would make 45 Edith rounds a week and that would take us all morning .. quite laughable now Cheers Kris

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